This is where you will find the best quality dry aged Beef, Lamb and Venison meat in Latvia
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We are cooperating with local farmers, who primarily run their farms and grow their animals following the ethical farming princips. This mutually trusted cooperation between us is rewarding in a result of a sustainable way of how we think great living and eating should be. 

At "Bauņu Bullītis" Butcher shop the process of beef production and dry aging has been developed since the year 2007. We select the best breeds of cattle for our beef range, whilst accurately controlling every aspect of the production process. Animals are reared on pristine pastures and fattened following a strict nutritional program. We are responsive to the needs of our customers, from wholesalers through to chefs and meal-makers, so everyone can enjoy a product that best suits them.


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 +371 28383737 (orders, info)

  +317 22041222 (director Janis Šļaukstiņš)